Thursday, August 11, 2011

World Trade Center

Plaster Relief, 24"x24"
Plaster Relief, 24"x24"

This is a wood sculptural cabinet titled "9:03 AM", 16"x16"x14", 
that has a woodblock impression that makes a print.  
The prints fit in the top drawer and the tools and inks to print the block are in the second drawer.

Ceramic bowl, 9"x9"x12"
Ceramic bowl, 10"x10"x7"

The World Trade Center Attack (9/11) was a spectacular visual historic event.  It was one of the most important things that happened in our lifetime—it changed history, changed everyday life; it changed everything.  Being an artist, I feel it’s my responsibility to record these extraordinary events in permanent material so people can always remember it, in the same way that Greek artists recorded the Trojan War.  This legacy still continues to be a necessary element of artistic expression in an age of visual immediacy that lacks the permanency of physical material.  That was one particular day that was so clear, the sky so blue, so devastating, and so many people around the world watched it as it happened.     

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